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Honey Tasting Contest

We are excited to show off our local beekeeper's excellent honey, made right here in Bee Cave. And, we love that our visitors get a chance to pick the best tasting each year!


Meet the beekeepers

This year we had four contestants from different areas of Bee Cave. Some sell their honey locally, others just make it for their own consumption. All are passionate about bees! 

2024 Beekeepers:

Brie Cunningham: Itty Bitty Beekeepers

Ray Kunik: Camp Kunik Honey (313-510-2899)

Andrea Kuhnert: Andrea's Bee Cave Honey

Peter Kielty: Bees-for-All

2024 Winner

This year's winner was Brie Cunningham with

Itty Bitty Beekeepers. With hundreds of "judges" all of our contestants received many votes, but Brie took home the top prize!

2023 Winner: Andrea's Bee Cave Honey

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